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Thank You Sponsors and Donors

Like any nonprofit organization, club, or team an orchestra depends greatly on the generousity of those who can and will lend their support.

From the music we purchase to be played at our performances, to instruments, insurance, sometimes venue rentals and transportation, an orchestra incurs expenses.


We feel blessed to have and are thankful for those in our community who are able to support our efforts in the bringing of symphonic music to Forsyth County.

Recognition of those who have generously bestowed special gifts to the orchestra throughout the year is a small token of our appreciation.

We recognize their patronage here. 

Thank you for your support!

Carmen Sue Cox Taylor

Born into a musical family, Carmen was selected for a Suzuki Talent Education Program in Central Illinois. She played with string ensembles and various orchestras, including serving as Concert Master for her High School, NCHS.  A graduate of Baylor University, Carmen also played 1st violin with the Baylor Symphony.

     For 40 years, Carmen has taught violin and then broadened her teaching scope to include stringed instruments of other kinds. Her piano, violin, viola, cello, and guitar students span four decades!

     She served as the Classical Strings instructor at Music Authority 2016-2020. She also played with both the Forsyth Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and 1st Redeemer Orchestra. She is currently the owner of Taylor Music and serves as Concert Master of the newly formed Forsyth Symphony Orchestra.

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